Photo by Blair Craig Bouskill


A B O U T   S H A E M A R A   E S T E L L E   R O S E M O N D 
Shaemara is Toronto based artist, of Bajan, Czech, and Hungarian descent. As a singer, songwriter, storyteller her sound can be described as Electro, Soul, RnB with influences of Sade and Erykah Badu. Shaemara continues to gain popularity mostly in the Toronto Area, as well as gaining fans & support from Montreal in Quebec, parts of the US and the UK. 

Shaemara is actively involved in all aspects of her art. She graduated from Queen's University with a BA in English Literature, fuelling her love for poetry and enhancing her songwriting. Shaemara is a self-taught musician and producer. With her avid ear for music, Shaemara often collaborates with local Musicians and Producers to complete her vision. Shaemara continues to develop other creative strengths such as photography, finding herself behind the camera as much as she is in front. 

As a style maverick Shaemara maintains a distinct aesthetic, inspired by the Goddess costuming of 1920's dancer Josephine Baker and Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, gravitating towards 60's, 70's, and 80's vintage pieces. Long-term Shaemara plans on developing her own fashion line, having already showcased her first design in  "Swimming" and her collaboration with Artisan Workshop Bags "Nubian City Collection".

Shaemara has an extensive business background, utilizing her skills to build her empire, as she markets her brand on a daily basis working out of her "Palace Studio".