Photo by Blair Craig Bouskill

​A B O U T   S H A E M A R A   E S T E L L E   R O S E M O N D 
Multimedia artist Shaemara’s deep chill sounds make you want to move. Her hypnotic, electro, soul, RnB, show features Shaemara’s music production, organic projections, deep vibrations, fluid movements, ethereal harmonies, and inspiring vulnerable lyrics. 

Shaemara is actively involved in all aspects of her art. Graduating from Queen's University with a BA in English Literature, fuelled her love for poetry and enhanced her song writing. Shaemara is a self-taught producer, editor, and creative director, always looking for creative challenges finding herself behind the camera as much as she is in front. 

As a style maverick Shaemara maintains a distinct aesthetic, inspired by the Goddess costuming of 1920's dancer Josephine Baker and Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, gravitating towards 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90s vintage pieces. Expect Shaemara’s “Phoenix Ice” sustainable looks styled with her handmade “Nubian City” accessories, including ready to wear pieces and more elaborate creations like her Diamond Masquerade or bejewelled Nefertiti Crown and Collar. As a stylist image consultant, you will see Shaemara's work in fellow artists videos. performance, and worn at events.

Shaemara has an extensive business background, utilizing her skills to build her empire, as she markets her brand on a daily basis working out of her "Palace Studio". 

Overall, Shaemara strives to inspire others to embrace their vulnerabilities and ignite theirimagination. ​​​​​​​​